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November 18, 2022

Which nation(s) should you support? Read on:

BRAZIL (+350): The country with the most World Cup titles (5) has a massive array of one-named talent. But 20 years have passed since their last championship.

ARGENTINA (+550): They are undefeated in an astounding 35 straight matches, outscoring their opponents 70-17. Their goalkeeper could play Candy Crush during matches.

FRANCE (+650): Since the defending champions went on a 33-1 run that ended in March, they have won only one of six matches, prompting concerns over chemistry.

ENGLAND (+800): They invented the game, but there is a reason “bloke” rhymes with “choke.” The Brits have not won it all since 1966, but it’s not for a lack of talent.

SPAIN (+800): The Red Fury are technically strong and have scored in a world-best 20 straight matches.

GERMANY (+1000): The four-time winners from Deutschland have scored 58 goals in their last 20 games.

NETHERLANDS (+1200): The originators of “total football,” Clockwork Orange are undefeated in 15 straight games, scoring 41 goals in those matches.

PORTUGAL (+1600): They are winless in their last 10 matches against top-15 competition but are undefeated in 43 consecutive games against teams outside the top 20.

BELGIUM (+1800): Prior to their recent 1-0 Nations League loss to the Dutch, “The Red Devils” went 49 consecutive matches without being blanked.

DENMARK (+3000): “The Danish Dynamite” not only have a goofy nickname but, strangely enough, have not had a draw in 22 straight matches.