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November 18, 2022

The World Cup is not for the timid. And generally not for the young 🚸 and inexperienced. Can the U.S. buck that trend to advance from the group stage?


  • Qualify from Group B: -105
  • Group B Winner: +450
  • Reach the Quarterfinals: +400
  • Reach the Semifinals: +1400
  • Reach the Finals: +4000
  • Outright Winner: +15000


Loaded with young talent playing in some of the world’s top leagues, the Yanks have won an impressive 27 matches over the last three years. But they enter with a whimper, having delivered flat performances of late. And they are the second youngest team in the world (25.2 years on average) to Ghana. So realistically, they’ll have to wait four more years to shock the world.


PointsBet host Ian Joy: Quarterfinals (+400)

“It might be my pride speaking, but I see the USMNT having life and making as far a run as their roster allows them to.”

Betting analyst Jon Eimer: Group stage (-105)

“While the USMNT did a phenomenal job to qualify, their lack of experience could prove to be their downfall.”