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November 6, 2022

Spread tickets indicate public money. Spread handle reflects sharp action. Let’s dive in:

1. Bills (-11) @ Jets

Pros: Jets 59% handle

Joes: Bills 56% tickets

Rationale: The public has a Taylor Swift-level 🎵 adoration for Josh Allen, but the sharps think the Jets, at home, can keep it close. The line has dropped from 13.

2. Rams (+3) @ Bucs

Pros: Bucs 79% handle

Joes: Rams 59% tickets

Rationale: The public wants a divorce 👩🏻‍⚖️ from Tom Brady, while the pros are not ready to put the GOAT out to pasture.

3. Colts (+5) @ Patriots

Pros: Colts 90% handle

Joes: Pats 62% tickets

Rationale: With the Colts coming off a tight loss to Washington, and the Pats having just grounded the Jets ✈️, this is a prime buy-low, sell-high spot for sharps.

4. Raiders @ Jaguars, 48 total

Pros: Over 88% handle

Joes: Under 63% tickets

Rationale: The Joes heard everyone ask: “Dude, where’s my Carr?” The pros don’t think the Raiders will get shut out again and also have faith 🙏 in Trevor Lawrence against a bottom-10 defense.