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December 18, 2022

We went 3-0 last week, so consider adding these:

  • Lions RB D’Andre Swift ⬆️ 25.5 rushing yards (-115): D’Andre’s swift start was interrupted by injury, but he’s been getting back up to speed. And with the Jets having the NFL’s No. 3 pass defense, Detroit will d’epend on D’Andre.
  • Giants QB Daniel Jones ⬆️ 30.5 rushing yards (-115): Washington’s D-line commanded the line of scrimmage when these teams met two weeks ago, sacking Jones four times. But they yielded 71 QB rush yards.
  • Chargers QB Justin Herbert ⬆️ 1.5 passing TDs (-180): Herbert is probably beside himself with excitement because the Titans’ second-worst ranked secondary is rarely beside the receivers.