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March 7, 2023

Bryce Young was favored to go No. 1 before the NFL Combine, and that didn’t change. But let’s examine some moves, big and small.

  • Young -176 ➡️ -145: The “6-footer” measured a whisker over 5-10, but height a relic in the Russell Wilson/ Kyler Murray era.
  • Anthony Richardson +600 ➡️ +450: Whoa Nellie! Available at 100/1 (+10000) as recently as Feb. 13, this athletic freak is now the third fave.
  • Will Levis +550 ➡️ +1000: Levis has a cannon, but his throwing mechanics will give pause to whoever picks first.
  • Jalen Carter +700 ➡️ +6000: Once a coin flip to be the top defensive player selected, his odds have plummeted due to character issues.