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October 31, 2023

It’s NFL trade deadline day, but the NBA stole the spotlight with the 76ers dealing James Harden to the Clippers. This is Harden’s fourth team in four seasons, as he now joins Kawhi Leonard, Paul George and Russell Westbrook in his quest for a championship πŸ†.

For NBA title futures, the Clippers shifted from +1800 to +1400 while the 76ers swung from +2000 to +2800. The Clippers still have the seventh-lowest NBA title odds, though they’ve gained significant ground on the Lakers and Warriors (both at +1200).

We called on trader Wyatt Satre for his two cents on the trade’s impact.

ASK THE TRADER: If you look at the implied probability of the shifts, we basically lowered the Clippers and rose the Sixers the same amount. I’m not sure how eager people will be to bet on the Clippers to win the title given the number of quality players that Harden has teamed up with in the past. But if he does buy into the Clippers’ system, you’ll definitely see their odds lower even more given all that star ⭐ power.