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May 2, 2023

The Phillies, Cardinals and Mariners have all been lumped together for World Series futures. On Opening Day, they were in the high teens and rounded out the 10 lowest odds. All of their odds have risen thanks to disappointing starts and they’ve been leapfrogged by the likes of the Brewers and Twins.

But is there value on any of these potential contenders now? We asked Ariel “Prop Queen” Epstein for her thoughts.

BUY: Phillies (Opening Day WS odds +1600, current +2500)

Ariel: “The Phillies have the third-highest batting average in the league and they have a great one-two punch in the rotation between Zack Wheeler and Aaron Nola. This team is going to continue to get better, with Bryce Harper expected to return from Tommy John surgery today.”

HOLD: Cardinals (OD +1800, current +2500)

Ariel: “The Cardinals pitching has been bad, with a 4.94 ERA that ranks 22nd in the majors. The offense hasn’t been much better, averaging just over three runs per game in their last 10. But St. Louis is still in one of the easiest divisions in baseball, which helps them in the playoff hunt.”

SELL: Mariners (OD +1800, current +3000)

Ariel: “The Mariners have lost the most one-run games in baseball, whereas last year they won the most. They also lost starter Robbie Ray for the season. I don’t think I can rely on the Mariners without one of their best arms and if they can’t win close games.”