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February 10, 2023

Pointsbetting can be a wild ride. This alternate form of betting is based on a multiplier: The more you’re right, the more you win. (The more you’re wrong …).

Here are three intriguing Super Bowl options:

  • Mahomes Passing Yards: Let’s say you think he’ll throw for 320. His over figure is 296. If you bet $1, you’d win $24 (320-296).
  • Total Game Points: You don’t care that everyone at your Super Bowl party wants fireworks. You’re the contrarian and predict a final of 23-20. Take the under 50. Toss $10 on it and you’d win $70 (50-43 =7 x 10 = $70).
  • Win Margin Squared: Whooo boy! One client bet Win Margin Squared on the college football national title game. Georgia won 65-7. Follow me here: 58 x 58 = 3,364. Our Over was 332. The client maxed his stake at x1500. So his wager of $.50 paid – wait for it — $750!

Let’s use your 23-20 prediction. 3 x 3=9. Take the under (161) and you’d win 152x your stake. A $1 bet would return $152. Glorious!