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April 25, 2023

NFL draft week is peak smokescreen season, and this year is no different. There have been some major odds shifts for the top picks — are you buying️‍♂️ them?

These players aren’t the favorites in these respective markets, but they’ve gone from extreme longshots to viable. Senior Trader Corey Travers explains the moves.

Will Levis Odds to Be First Pick

Yesterday: +5000

Lowest Odds Today: +175

Current: +600

ASK THE TRADER: “We took rapid spurts of bets on Levis earlier today at prices of +5000 and +1000 based on speculative information. While it can be difficult to verify information in spots like this, we have to respect the money that’s coming in due to the relative pricing uncertainty associated with NFL draft markets. We then saw a decent flood of money on [Bryce] Young and have eased back on our position on Levis accordingly.”

Paris Johnson Odds to Be Third Pick

Last Thursday: +10000

Sunday: +6600

Current: +325

ASK THE TRADER: “We received some sharp money on Paris to go third Monday afternoon in the +2000 range, and have seen some bets continue to trickle in at less advantageous pricing since then. Based on the source and frequency of bets received on Johnson, we decided to shorten his price significantly.”