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September 16, 2023

Even though this isn’t the most exciting slate, you’ll never see us complain about any college football Saturday 😁. For the sides that have been generating noteworthy action for Week 3, one game stands out above the rest.

Most Spread Tickets: Colorado (opened -23, now -23.5 vs. Colorado State)

Most Spread Handle: Colorado
*Colorado has gotten more spread tickets and handle than any NFL team to cover an upcoming Week 2 game

Most Lopsided Spread Bet by Tickets: Colorado 88.4%

Most Lopsided Spread Bet by Handle: Arizona 99.1% (opened -17, now -19 vs. UTEP)

Most Total Tickets: Colorado State-Colorado OVER (opened 59, now 62.5)

Most Total Handle: Colorado State-Colorado OVER

Underdog With Most Moneyline Bets: Colorado State, now +1175 at Colorado

Underdog With Most Moneyline Handle: Ohio, now +115 vs. Iowa State