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October 5, 2023

Welcome back to Total Thursday, where we’ll be looking at a noteworthy total bet (excluding TNF) every week.

The NFL Week 5 total bet that has drawn the most handle may be a bit of a surprise. It’s actually the over for Jets at Broncos, which has moved from 41 to 43. That’s right, the over for a Zach WilsonRussell Wilson showdown 😮.

The Jets-Broncos over has drawn 95.3% of the handle among all bets placed on this total, despite the under actually possessing the advantage with 57.0% of the tickets. Jets-Broncos over has also drawn over two times more handle than any other Week 5 total bet excluding TNF.

We brought in football trader Jake Fisher to provide the context on why this over has brought in so much money 💸.

Ask the Trader: The one-sided action from bettors on this over is likely a reaction to the Broncos’ league-worst defense by PPG and YPG along with Zach Wilson putting forth a formidable effort on SNF versus the Chiefs. The weather calls for clear skies and the altitude could help kickers’ range significantly on field goals. Don’t forget Sean Payton’s slander of Jets OC Nathaniel Hackett this offseason, perhaps providing some extra motivation on both sides.