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November 28, 2022

PointsBet has taken a bold, curious stance on Odds to win the NCAA Championship:

  • Georgia -165
  • Michigan +275
  • Ohio State +900
  • USC +1200
  • TCU +1400
  • Alabama +4000

Ohio State is lower than USC and TCU?! πŸ€”.

BOTTOM LINE: Our traders believe Ohio State would get the fourth playoff slot if TCU (-140 ML) falls in the Big 12 title game to Kansas State or USC (-155 ML) can’t beat Utah in the Pac-12 champ game.

β€œWe think there’s a strong shot one of them loses,” said PointsBet Trading Content Analyst Mike Korn. β€œAnd despite their loss to Michigan, we firmly believe the Buckeyes are an overall stronger team than TCU and USC.”