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May 26, 2023

You’d have to wager $500 to win a buck on Victor Wembanyama going first in the draft. The intrigue begins at No. 2.

We asked Head of Trading Kevin Lawler the following:

Q: Are we taking action on anyone other than Wemby at No. 1?

A: Interestingly, Brandon Miller is our biggest liability simply because Wembanyama is so short and such a sure thing ✅, no one is betting him.

Q: Months ago I read that this draft contained TWO elite players, the other being guard Scoot Henderson. But Miller (-120) has edged past him at #2. Charlotte fancies him, you believe?

A: Miller fits Charlotte’s playing style, and the narrative goes that Scoot (-115) won’t compliment LaMelo Ball in the back court. Most mock drafts now have Miller as the No. 2 pick, and the betting reflects this.

Q: Any shot a team trades up to #2 or #3?

A: There’s quite a narrative building around the Blazers potentially trading the third pick, with Orlando the most likely to land it. Failing that, the Jazz (9th pick) and the Wizards (8th) could be where Portland offloads #3 in a trade for future first-round picks plus players.

Q: Is there a better name in this draft than Amen Thompson, favored to go #4?

A: Gradey Dick!?