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May 8, 2023

Maybe the most surprising development of the Lakers-Warriors series heading into tonight’s Game 4 (10 p.m. ET) has been the lack of scoring explosions from LeBron James and Steph Curry.

While the two legends have dropped at least 20 each game, neither has reached 30 and the overs on their points props this series have gone 0-6 ❌.

Game 1: LeBron 25.5 (22), Steph 31.5 (27)
Game 2: LeBron 25.5 (23), Steph 31.5 (20)
Game 3: LeBron 26.5 (21), Steph 29.5 (23)

Yet for Game 4, LeBron’s points prop is at 26.5 and Steph’s is 31.5.

So we asked Head of Trading Kevin Lawler why there wasn’t an adjustment and what his thoughts are about why these superstars haven’t been scoring as much.

ASK THE TRADER: “The numbers for LeBron and Steph are not indicative of their future performances in this series given that neither played much of the fourth quarters in Game 2 and 3 blowouts. Steph hasn’t hit the heights yet in this series, but tonight is close to a must-win for the defending champs and I believe his line is in anticipation of a big game. LeBron’s line seems right with him averaging 22 in Games 2 and 3 without playing much of the fourth.”