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July 3, 2023

NBA free agency officially began at 6 p.m. ET this past Friday. Since then, we’ve seen some notable NBA title odds shifts (and non-shifts). Trader Ryan Shapiro joined us to explain the moves.

BEFORE: Nuggets +450, Celtics +475
CURRENT: Nuggets +450, Celtics +450
TRADER: “These two were already pretty close to being co-favorites, but the Nuggets losing Bruce Brown is what ultimately pushed the two teams together.”

BEFORE: Heat +1400, Trail Blazers +12500
CURRENT: Heat +800, Trail Blazers +20000
TRADER: “This is obviously about the Damian Lillard rumors. The Blazers will stay the same from here since he’s almost certainly getting traded, but the Heat’s odds would wildly swing if another team becomes the rumored destination.”

BEFORE: Rockets +25000
CURRENT: Rockets +25000
TRADER: “The Rockets made some splashes, but it felt as if those moves didn’t help them improve much. Fred VanVleet and Dillon Brooks aren’t going to push the needle, they need a true star to really contend.”