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April 13, 2023

Days from the onset of the Stanley Cup Playoffs, we asked PointsBet client and sharp-as-a-blade Qordaseus “Q” Alexander some pucks questions:

Q: How does playoff hockey differ from the regular season? 

A: Overtime periods are 20 minutes, teams are at full strength and there’s no shootout. Last year the Penguins beat the Rangers in triple overtime. From a bettor’s perspective, totals tend to be lower. Defenses “tighten up” and become more conscientious about committing penalties, yielding fewer scoring chances.

Q: Is Boston (+300 to win the Cup) clearly the best team? 

A: Yes, and it’s remarkable that they were +2800 before the season. Racking up the most wins (and points) in NHL history, the Boston Bruins went from “washed up and unsure” to one of the best regular-season teams of all time.

Are they invincible? Absolutely not. In the first round they will likely draw the Islanders, which could prove to be problematic. At +300, I feel like all the value is gone.

Q: If not Boston, who? 

A: Edmonton (+800). I am always a bit hesitant to back really good power play teams during the playoffs, but PP or not, the Oilers have the NHL’s top two point scorers in Connor McDavid and Leon Draisaitl. On any given night, it’s hard to bet against those two.