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October 24, 2023

We’re nearing the halfway point of the NFL season and the true championship contenders are starting to emerge themselves. After five teams started off the season with Super Bowl odds lower than +1000, only three can now make that claim: the Chiefs, 49ers and Eagles.

But are bettors backing the top teams to win it all? Or has a longer shot drawn their attention πŸ€”? Here are the most popular Super Bowl bets by tickets and handle thus far.

Eagles (+550): 9.7% tickets (1st), 12.3% handle (1st)
Can’t fault bettors for backing the Eagles when they have two of the bigger edges in the sport: a nearly automatic short-yardage play and GM Howie Roseman.

Lions (+1500): 8.6% tickets (2nd), 8.0% handle (3rd)
Detroit has been a covering machine under Dan Campbell, posting a 28-13 (68.3%) mark πŸ’° against the spread during his tenure.

49ers (+475): 8.0% tickets (3rd), 12.1% handle (2nd)
Days spent as a Super Bowl favorite or co-favorite since the NFL season kicked off on Sept. 7β€”49ers: 32, Chiefs: 28, all other teams: 0.