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September 22, 2023

Justin Fields was the hot MVP bet before the season, however a lackluster first two games have caused his odds to shift from +2000 to +6000. The Bears QB hasn’t been getting much action over that span either, as he’s tied for 14th with 2.0% of the tickets.

Instead, bettors have been eyeing πŸ‘€ a defensive player to win MVP ever since the season kicked off.

Micah Parsons is tops in MVP tickets at 17.2% and second in handle at 16.7% since Sept. 7 🀯, with his odds shifting from +10000 to +4000. Only Tua Tagovailoa (+700) has gotten more MVP handle during the season at 17.4%, and the Dolphins signal-caller ranks second in tickets over this timeframe at 9.1%.

Before the season started, Parsons ranked outside the top 20 in both MVP tickets (0.5%) and handle (0.2%). Overall, the Cowboys’ star pass-rusher is now eighth in MVP tickets (4.1%) and eighth in handle (5.4%).

Parsons is also the current Defensive Player of the Year favorite at +135, with T.J. Watt the next-closest at +400. Parsons has captured a leading 15.2% of tickets and 39.0% of handle for this market overall, including 24.2% of the tickets and 52.3% of the handle since Sept. 7.