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August 28, 2023

The NFL regular season kicks off next week and offseason action on futures has been pouring in. Let’s look ???? at which teams and players have been getting the most betting interest in various markets before the real games begin.

Here are the teams that have gotten the most action to win the Super Bowl.


1. Jets 9.2% (+1300)
The owners of the NFL’s longest postseason drought have not made the playoffs since 2010 ???? – their last “Hard Knocks” appearance before this season.

2. Bengals 8.1% (+900)
Cincinnati nearly has more Super Bowl tickets than the rest of the AFC North combined (8.6%).

3. Eagles 7.8% (+650)
Super Bowl hangover alert? The previous two Super Bowl losers out of the NFC (2019 49ers, 2018 Rams) missed the playoffs the following season.

4. Bears 7.2% (+4000)
The Bears and Broncos (+4500) are the only teams in the top 14 in Super Bowl tickets that have longer odds than +2500.

5. Lions 6.7% (+1900)
Detroit is one of four teams to have never made a Super Bowl along with the Browns, Jaguars and Texans.


1. Jets 14.7% (+1300)
It’s one thing for the Jets to be leading here, but it’s another that they have actually racked up more than double the Super Bowl handle of 30 of 31 NFL teams ????.

2. Bengals 8.0% (+900)
Number of playoff wins for the Bengals franchise pre-Joe Burrow? Five. Since drafting Burrow? Also five.

3. Eagles 7.0% (+650)
Philly was originally tied for the fourth-lowest Super Bowl odds at +900, however only the Chiefs are ahead of them now.

4. Lions 6.7% (+1900)
The Lions are a very popular bet in general, as they have drawn the most money ???? to make the playoffs (-185) and to win any NFL division (+125 for NFC North).

5. Chiefs 6.6% (+600)
The Patriots were the last back-to-back Super Bowl winners in 2004 and 2005, but we’ve learned not to doubt Patrick Mahomes.