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April 27, 2023

The most exciting day of the NFL offseason is finally here. Let’s see who clients are backing to go in the top 3, along with context from Sports Trader Jack Meenan.

First Pick

Tickets: Bryce Young 29.2%, Will Levis 24.8%, C.J. Stroud 20.1%

Handle: Young 51.4%, Stroud 18.4%, Levis 17.3%

ASK THE TRADER: “Despite the recent surge on Kentucky’s Will Levis to be the first name called, the market has settled back, and Bryce Young is now almost a certainty at -5000. The book has laid plenty on both Levis and Anthony Richardson to be called first, but we are confident that there will be no surprises.”

Second Pick

Tickets: Stroud 27.0%, Will Anderson 18.6%, Tyree Wilson 15.9%

Handle: Levis 31.1%, Wilson 23.9%, Anderson 21.8%

ASK THE TRADER: “The market for the second pick has been subject to the most uncertainty and movement, with so many rumors on what the Texans may do. However, the betting market showed its thoughts on the situation this morning, with Will Anderson surging from +300 to as heavy as -375. But this is definitely still a spot to watch for some late market movement.”

Third Pick

Tickets: Anderson 26.3%, Paris Johnson Jr. 19.7%, Stroud 9.2%

Handle: Anderson 29.8%, Johnson Jr. 28.7%, Wilson 17.0%

ASK THE TRADER: “With C.J. Stroud sitting atop at +125, the market seems to favor the possibility of Arizona trading out. We laid a significant amount on Paris Johnson Jr. to be selected here midweek, however this pick has the widest range of outcomes from the top 3. My dark horse is Will Levis (+900), and I would be on the lookout for teams looking to jump the Colts at #4 to get their guy.”