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July 10, 2023

It’s the slow season of the sports calendar, but at least we’re closer to this NFL campaign kicking off. To help speed up the timeline, we have our daily NFL betting reports. We’ll be highlighting the betting action for individual teams in four Hustles per week, sorting them out by division.

So let’s welcome AFC South week by starting with the Colts.

Odds: Opened +8000 (T-26th), currently +8000 (T-24th)
Action: 0.8% tickets (23rd), 0.5% handle (25th)
*Indy’s Super Bowl odds got to as long as +15000 from March 15 to 28

Odds: 6.5 (Over -140, Under +115)
Action: OVER 71% tickets, OVER 91% handle

Odds: Opened +550 (3rd), currently +525 (3rd)
Action: 21.2% tickets (3rd), 14.8% handle (3rd)


Anthony Richardson opened at +750 for Offensive Rookie of the Year, however the No. 4 overall pick has seen recent momentum in this market. He’s swung from +700 to +600 in the past week, giving him the third-lowest OROY odds. Richardson has attracted the most tickets for the award at 16.0%, and ranks fourth in handle at 10.1%.

Going further on Richardson, only one rookie has ever been named NFL MVP: Jim Brown in 1957. Indy’s dual-threat quarterback has seen his MVP odds shift from a +50000 opener to currently residing at +15000. Richardson has captured 1.1% of the tickets (tied for 16th) and has drawn over four times more handle than every other rookie combined for MVP.